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WhatsApp Connect, Engage and Grow WhatsApp Business APIs for Seamless Customer Communication.

Communicate WhatsApp Business API | Authkey.io


Communication APIs | Authkey.io

WhatsApp APIs

Reach, Interact and Repeat with Customers. Simple APIs Designed for High Volume Traffic on Serverless Module for real-time customer engagement and conversations.

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WhatsApp Marketing

Deliver targeted Marketing Campaigns seamlessly while respecting preferences that customers love to read and Respond to.

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WhatsApp Campaign | Authkey.io
1:1 Chat | Authkey.io

1:1 Chat

Receive & Reply. Efficiently handle routine queries with WhatsApp Business API, delivering exceptional 1:1 customer chat while reducing response time and operational costs.

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Don’t Let your Customers Wait Set up triggers, automate replies and design bot structure with ease. Utilize versatile message templates for seamless user interactions and effective sales pipelines. Customize standard flows for real-time notifications, auto-replies, etc.

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Bot | Authkey.io
>Otp In Out | Authkey.io

Opt In - Out

WhatsApp opt-in/out control, ensuring roll out the customers that don't want to receive messages. Engage in Business conversations with customers only with their consent. Ongoing conversations are initiated only after customers have explicitly consented to chat.

Global Reach

Anywhere, Anytime & Any prospect.

Drive audience engagement, boost sales and enhance customer support on a platform that has 2.2 billion users and an impressive 98% open rate worldwide.

Global Reach | Authkey.io

Choose, How You Want to Connect

Technical Service Provider (TSP)

Authkey serves as a middleware, linking the WhatsApp Business API with Meta's services. Onboarding takes place through Meta's WhatsApp Business platform, where you'll gain access to a WhatsApp Business Account managed by you. Meta handles WhatsApp billing through credit card transactions, while Authkey manages charges for other platform services.

Business Service Provider (BSP)

Authkey will create a WhatsApp Account on Meta on your Behalf, providing direct access to the WhatsApp API. Onboarding seamlessly takes place within the Authkey panel. You'll get a WhatsApp Business Account managed by Authkey on Meta's platform. Billing and payments are hassle-free, eliminating the need for credit cards, with simplified Authkey’s platform-based pricing.


Start the quick onboarding process for the WhatsApp Business API, instant approval within 10 minutes.*:
  • Login into Meta business (Click here) using the existing credentials of the Facebook business page.

  • Enter your Legal Business Details and verify your WhatsApp Business Number.

  • You will have successfully applied for the WhatsApp Business API. Your application will undergo review.

How to Apply for Free WhatsApp Business API?

Apply for free WhatsApp API

Onboarding | Authkey.io

Authkey As a Platform

Channels | Authkey.io

Deliver across multiple channels; SMS, voice calls, emails, RCS and WhatsApp API.

Latency | Authkey.io

Transperency on delivery time & Live Latency updates for your sent messages.

Fallback | Authkey.io

Ensures uninterrupted delivery; automates alternative channels.

Sandbox | Authkey.io

Reliable delivery testing in a controlled environment for every selected API.

Integration Partners

Integrate your workflow to Fling your business ahead.

Hubspot | Authkey.io
Zapier | Authkey.io
Pabbly | Authkey.io
Integrately | Authkey.io
Meetanshi | Authkey.io
Kylas CRM | Authkey.io

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Choose Authkey ?

We Scale with you

Regardless of one or million messages you send, our SMS infrastructure will ensure you that they deliver on time.

Pay as you Go

Utilization based pricing enables you to get discounted pricing from the beginning while only paying for what you use.


We connect your messaging flow directly over 220+ carriers in 200+ countries for international delivery that is best in class.

Compliance & developers

We align you with the support and developer team. We ensure that your Authkey.io experience is smooth and successful.